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What Effective Schools Do: Re-Envisioning the Correlates

Get a fresh look at the Correlates of Effective Schools, the 7 characteristics consistently found among schools that successfully teach ALL children.
What Effective Schools Do Book
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Developed from groundbreaking research, the seven Correlates of Effective Schools remain powerful indicators of successful places where all children learn, regardless of socioeconomic status or ethnicity. What Effective Schools Do is designed as a guide to assist educators with activities for implementing a continuous school-improvement system through application of the correlates. The 10 chapters provide a comprehensive description of practices that enable educators to build and sustain a school culture that accommodates the learning expectations and needs of all students. The authors build on previous works by Lawrence Lezotte, expanding the discussion around each correlate, updating the knowledge base, and incorporating practical ideas from practitioners in the field.

Taken together, the correlates are more than just theory; they are what effective schools do. This book will help educators:

  • Understand the background information about the historical, political, and conceptual development of the effective schools concept.
  • Construct a framework for using the correlates as leading indicators of learning and creating a data dashboard for monitoring results.
  • Use knowledge of the correlates in a systematic way to achieve ongoing school improvement.


  • Readers familiar with the correlates will get a fresh, comprehensive look that brings together theory, research, and practitioners' perspectives.
  • Administrators will find the book useful in explaining the correlates to their colleagues and staff.

What the experts are saying about What Effective Schools Do:

"This book connects the enduring power of effective schools research with a compelling new application to the contemporary world of continuous school improvement."

-Robert Barr, Center for School Improvement

"This comprehensive discussion of effective schooling...is both engaging and immediately actionable. Practitioners and researchers should find the work of Lezotte and Snyder equally as useful."

-Robert Marzano, National School Improvement Researcher & Author
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